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The new substance collection of glasses by ROLF brings the power of plants to the fore. The starting point for the latest collection is a powder derived from a very specific plant. It brings with it a whole array of sustainable and functional properties that have enabled the tech- and design-driven company to develop innovative, plant-based eyewear. Not only are the glasses in ROLF’s substance collection made from renewable resources – they also boast 23 frame designs in 6 different colours.

glasses out of wood, stone, horn and 3d printed titanium

23 frame designs in 6 colours

Proof that ROLF glasses aren’t just about the material but also about top design can be found in the substance collection’s extensive range of 23 frame designs. They are all available in a palette of six basic colors, making for an even more diverse and versatile offering. Refined contours, slim temples, and strategically placed curves turn each pair of glasses into a stunning yet functional accessory that’s also comfortable to wear.

Simultaneous hinge printing

ROLF’s award-winning Flexlock hinge has proven itself the ideal component. It can be printed at the same time as the frame using 3D printing technology, meaning ROLF can make its new glasses all at once and therefore keep the number of external suppliers to a minimum. In addition to the high performance of the screwless and patent-pending Flexlock hinge, glasses wearers will also benefit from the flexible, natural, and skin-friendly properties of the plant-based frame.

Working with plants is nothing new for the masters of wooden glasses. Their latest natural material is taken from a species of the Euphorbiaceae family and has proved itself to be a competent all-rounder. It has opened up a wealth of new possibilities for ROLF and as a material, its sustainability credentials are particularly impressive. “The plants are grown in tropical climates without any kind of genetic engineering, they don’t compete with food crops, and they can grow very tall, very quickly: where a spruce or a beech will only grow a few centimeters taller every year, this remarkable plant will shoot up six meters in just four months, and it comes back every year,” explains company founder and visionary Roland Wolf. This makes the new material more sustainable and kinder to the environment than ever – and the perfect foundation upon which to build a new collection of glasses called substance and meet the current demand for more climate-considerate products.

glasses out of wood, stone, horn and 3d printed titanium

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