Aerial photo of Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Archipelago of the Recherche, Western Australia

The California brand SALT. makes glasses that smell of sea air, raw nature and warm beach sand. Colours, shapes and materials are influenced by the raw and effortless beauty of nature in California. That does not only feel good, it also looks damn good on the face.

For their new 2020 collection, the designers have been influenced by the incredible landscapes of Southern California, where nature and man have been living together symbiotically. The collection mainly uses a mix and match of thicker and thiner acetate and Japanese Titanium with frames that fit the wearer perfectly and seemingly effortlessly too.

The new 2020 collection encompasses a great variety of different shapes, from Butterfly to Cat-Eye to more angular silhouettes for both Men and Women. Some of which are shown here… Don’t hesitate to check out the Website to read more about the SALT. philosophy and have a look at the entire collection.

«  The original seed of inspiration was the SALTON SEA. From there we found out it was an endorheic basin, and then opened up the scope of the collection to encorheic basins around the world. In the beginning though, we were going to use the names of towns that border the Salton Sea as names of frames. In fact, we originally wanted the cloth to be a topographical map of the Salton Sea area with the names of the frames/border towns. So while the SPENCER and HILLIER are names of specific endorheic basins, the rest are border towns on the Salton Sea. »  – Product Manager at SALT.

The natural beauty of SALT. glasses really knows no limits. Each model in the new series has its own special features but all of them share a common denominator: a perfect fit for any type of face size – a feature that never ceases to amaze us at SPECTR.

Check out the entire collection here:

Brand Profile at Spectr.

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