VYCOZ is coming straight out of South Korea

The name VYCOZ translates into something like ‘by Korea’. And that’s exactly where this rather young label originates from – the South Korean capital of Seoul, to be precise. Here at the VYCOZ House, the label handles all design and production in a controlled process. Owning its very own unique manufacturing know-how allows the brand to create eyewear with a high level of authenticity, a strong identity as well as a healthy dose of independence and flexibility. 

The design DNA follows the South Korean tradition for contemporary and modern designs that look forward and backward at the same time. For the 2021 campaign entitled Timeless, the heads at VYCOZ set up a shoot inside a traditional Korean home. The setting rings true to the label’s mission: Tradition and quality meet modern designs; always with a clean, purist and reduced aesthetic. The formula not only resonates with audiences at home in Korea but has also built a growing international fanbase. As the name Timeless suggests, VYCOZ is here to stay.

The segmentation of the collection is also built to resist the test of time. VYCOZ groups all pieces of the collection into seven sub-collections, all the while drawing on several different materials. The line features natural materials such as Swiss Bio Empla alongside more traditional classics such as sheet metal. Many of the frames are equipped with screwless hinges, while others can be upgraded into sunglasses via stylish clip-ons. On that note, the label also offers full-fledged sunglasses collections that also live up to the Made in Korea quality standard.

What’s more, VYCOZ also curates a quality collection for children. And as opposed to many other labels playing in this segment, their designs are far from infantile or ‘kiddie style’. Just the opposite, these pieces carry the full brand DNA and make children look like little grown-ups with stylish eyewear.

The common denominator between all collections is VYCOZ’s clean design languages. Most pieces tend to be subtle and understated, but always offer a unique twist that warrants a second look. Plenty of reasons to check out this upcoming brand from the South Korean capital.

To find out more about this up and coming brand, visit: https://vycoz.com/

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