WeSC Eyewear Introduce Their SS18 Collection

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]WeSC is the Swedish streetwear brand with origins in the skateboard scene. WeSC Eyewear is a collaboration between WeSC’s own design department and Irene Toreheim, the junior eyewear designer at the WeSC studio in Malmö.


Irene Toreheim is responsible for the most recent eyewear collections. Her way in, to find the true heart of the brand, was to study their current and previous collections. Her challenge was to reflect that style in optical glasses.

The outcome for FW17 was a collection in two parts, one basic part with models inspired by WeSC´s origin of being a skateboard brand and one more daring trend part with the details in focus and WeSC’s last fashion collection in mind. One of the features in this collection were the clip-ons, optical frames with sun protection. Something the brand believed strongly in also for future collections.

Irene’s own inspiration came from retro cars and the detailed handcrafted work and strong colors.


For the SS18 collection focus has been on developing some classical models, inspired by the 80s. Old WeSC shapes has gotten new life with new details and classic eyewear shapes has been adapted to the WeSC universe. One part of the WeSC fashion collection for this spring was the idea about gender neutrality. Check it out!

More Info: http://en.opo.se/wesc_eyewear

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