Inspired by his instantly recognizable hand written logo, these one of a kind sunglasses are a celebration of Yohji Yamamoto’s mastery in design. The result of the sinuous movement of the pencil on paper that dances, mastering a precise technique where the nib never leaves the surface. One continuous fluid motion is all that is needed. As the pencil traces the outline of the shape, the frame is then deconstructed, reconstructed and Yohji Yamamoto’s now signature round eye shapes are punched out. The result is an avant garde aesthetic that could only come from the undisputed Japanese master of fashion. The entire collection is an exploration of the round eye-shape, traditional forms are brought into the future by punching out circles and exploring deconstruction, all with the finest materials, uniquely developed acetates and metal finishes. All Yohji Yamamoto eyewear is handmade in the Jura, France.

“If I continue with only black, people get tired. Gold is to wake up.” Yohji Yamamoto



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