FLEYE Copenhagen // New Styles to Start the New Year

FLEYE Copenhagen introduces new styles in the Elements of Art collection.

This season, FLEYE Copenhagen is introducing the second part of their “Elements of Art” campaign, defined by intriguing colors, patterns and engraved details. FLEYE introduces 13 new eyewear styles at the intersection between design, architecture and art.


FLEYE Copenhagen’s “Elements of Art” collection is inspired by Thorvaldsen’s Museum, which exhibit the extensive life’s work of the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. Last year marked the 250th birthday of Thorvaldsen, and FLEYE’s collection is a tribute to the Danish sculptor and the iconic museum that feature his work and life.

Thorvaldsen was one of Europe’s most famous artists in the 19th century and by far one of the most famous and influential artists Denmark has ever had. At his death, in 1844, he donated his personal collection in order to create a museum named after him.


“Thorvaldsen’s Museum is full of details with strong colours and beautiful patterns from floor to ceiling. A walk through the museum provides a veritable orgy of colors – brightly colored walls, richly decorated ceilings and mosaic floors, all of which have Bertel Thorvaldsen’s marble and plaster sculptures capsuled”, – Annette Estø, Head of Design.

Check out the Website FLEYE Copenhagen to see the entire collection! And don’t forget to head over to FAVR where the brand dropped a great selection of Eyewear for you to try on now!

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