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Three years ago, Swiss eyewear label GÖTTI introduced the Perspective Collection. The main feature: These rimless spectacles offer various opportunities for customizing their shapes and colorways. From understated to loud and bold, the expansion kits are now available in five versions. In the bigger picture, the Perspective Collection is not only a long-time dream come true for company founder Sven Götti, but also brings the manufacturing in-house. SPECTR gets the details from GÖTTI headquarters.

What distinguishes each of these lines?

The foundation was the classic rimless model, which is super understated and inconspicuous: Rimless. Then we added Loop with a delicate rim surrounding the lenses, thereby somewhat enhancing the silhouette. By contrast, the Bold system revolves around strong, expressive rims. In the Space version, we like to let our creativity run wild – everything is possible. The latest iteration, which we’ll be premiering this autumn, is Folio, in which the front section of the frame consists of a flat shield. All variations are available in three sizes.

The overall impression of a frame can differ radically depending on the kit.

Very much so. Even while maintaining the same basic shape, a classic rimless frame can be transformed into a rather extravagant pair of eyeglasses. This results in an entirely different look and also connects to a different target group. The entire Perspective Collection merely consists of 24 shapes, which all have a different overall look depending on the line.

Hello Sven, you have been offering numerous iterations of rimless frames in the Perspective Collection over the years. Is this part of an upcoming trend?

I think that we’re seeing a solid trend towards excellent eyewear. Glasses can be designed in various ways. But innovation, fair manufacturing and zeitgeist are must-have components of a premium collection today. So with that said, our rimless frames are perfectly on-trend.

What do you personally appreciate about rimless frames?

It’s most of all the modular concept that fascinates me. The entire collection is built upon only a few components while offering unlimited combinations. The main attraction lies with developing the modular kit and expanding these options.

You have also developed a range of different options.

That’s correct.Right now these are the Rimless, Loop, Bold, Space and our new Folio versions.

In how many colours do you offer the rings?

In the Perspective Collection, we’re working with three different metal colors and twelve basic colorways. These colors are available for all parts such as nose pads, temple tips and lens intersections. Everything can be combined freely according to individual taste. This opens up unlimited combinations. All with just very few individual parts.

You’re manufacturing these glasses in Switzerland. How relevant is localized production to you?

The process behind developing this eyewear frame system was rather long with several detours and roadblocks. It involves an entirely new connection between the lenses and frame, as well as the temple hinges. At the outset, we discussed our idea with countless manufacturers inside and outside the eyewear industry and commissioned several prototypes. But it was to no avail. Since this yielded no results, but we still believed in our concept, we had no other choice than to build our own development department in which we could focus on making these kinds of ideas reality. That provided the impetus for a successful product development process and in the next step, also for manufacturing within Switzerland by establishing our own manufacture.

What were the necessary steps towards making it happen?

Since we already had all the know-how in place at our company due to previous development efforts, it was only a logical step to bring assembly of the frames in-house. Thanks to the clever production process, entirely free from welding and soldering, we were confident that we could pull off this leap of faith. In the beginning, existing employees and members of our sales team spent the first months assembling the frames until the entire process was optimized. Then we gradually began building a production crew.

From your perspective, what are the main advantages of in-house manufacturing?

Due to the numerous combination options, every pair of glasses is produced individually. And that’s only possible by working with experienced employees on-site. On the other hand, it’s a gratifying experience to develop a product from start to finish and then make it at your own manufacture.

And what are the big-picture advantages?

The entire system with its limited number of individual components and the production set-up as a manufacture is extremely low impact on resources, and thereby represents a positive approach towards nature. What’s more, we directly control our working conditions. This honest and transparent way is not only fun but is also of interest for our opticians and end consumers, who want to know where a product comes from and how it’s made.

In-house production also unlocks a large degree of independence. Has that paid off in light of world events so far this year?
Well, we did not encounter any disruptions or long wait times with our producers in Germany and Japan. But the lockdown did wreak havoc on our inventory planning. With our in-house manufacturing, we enjoy far better control and are able to respond from day to the next.

For more Info about the Brand, it’s this way: www.gotti.ch

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