Hoffmann Natural Eyewear // The Rimless Series

No Limits with the Rimless R800-Series.

There is News reaching us from German brand Hoffmann Natural Eyewear! A rimless series so delicate and stylish, it had to be shared! Rimless frame frees your lenses and moves the style emphasis off the glasses and onto the wearer’s individual look. The understated R800 rimless series presents exclusive titanium metalwork with gold or palladium plating (and a replaceable-screw system for easier glazing). 

Handcrafted temples created from polished natural horn or in horn and wood combinations not only look stunning, they are also elegant and extremely comfortable to wear. An unostentatious collection you should definitely give some attention. There’s a wide selection of lens shapes and temple colourways for you to choose from. 

Find out more about the new Rimless Collection and more here: www.hoffmann-eyewear.com and follow: www.instagram.com/hoffmanneyewear

Psst! Hoffmann Natural Eyewear is also available on FAVR, check it out!

Brand Profile at Spectr.

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