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Introducing new MODO Highlights

Tech Plastics, Alternative to traditional Acetate

MODO just dropped its Mid Season release – and it’s a beauty. The brand with offices in Milan, New York and Stockholm is doubling down on polymers. Under the heading Tech Plastics, MODO lends its frames an exclusive look that goes beyond classic acetate. Front sections crafted from R 1000 are combined with the low weight and high comfort afforded by titanium temples.

In the R 1000 + Titanium Collection, technical know-how meets high-end aesthetics for a stunning look. By using R 1000 polymer, MODO unlocks a viable alternative to traditional acetate, all while banking on the advantages of the material’s memory plastic effects. The front sections are fused to lightweight and comfortable temples by ways of screwless hinges. The resulting frames exude a casual look, for instance the equally light and fully adjustable »7039« and »7042« models.

The aesthetics and functionality of these sleek glasses are not only a hit with MODO fans. They also convicted the jury at the Red Dot Awards, earning the R 1000 + Titanium Collection the award in the category ‘Product Design 2021’.

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