The Readers // Bio Glasses for Readers

Etnia Eyewear Culture Group presents The Readers. Bio-Glasses for Readers.

Watch out, The Readers is the new brand of blue light filtering reading glasses from the stables of the Barcelona eyewear group. Manufactured in biomaterials, The Readers is a clearly sustainable, high design, quality product, built to enhance people’s reading experience. A brand that believes in culture, in the intellectual values of independent people with inquiring minds. A brand that has created unique, contemporary eyewear for people who read in all different ways and in a multitude of different situations. Because, nothing is sexier than looking good while reading!

Reading is timeless, reading is sexy, reading is independence.

The Readers presents the world with an attractive, timelessly styled collection. Hemingway, Churchill, Woolf, Carroll, Orwell… The greats of literature give their names to this first collection, comprising 6 different models of reading/screen glasses and 6 sunglasses crafted in different thicknesses of acetate. Vintage designs in colours inspired by Scottish tartans.

The Readers frames are responsibly crafted from cotton fibre and vegetable-based plasticizers, designed to decompose within one year from disposal. Built in biodegradable, organic acetate, the most natural form of acetate,they are likewise enduring, comfortable and of the highest quality.

A quality choice in reading glasses.

The Readers reading glasses offer precise magnification and antireflective lenses. They also boast a filter to reduce the amount of blue light reaching the eyes from digital devices so avoiding visual fatigue and enhancing the quality of sleep.

The Readers sunglasses are fitted with Category 3 organic lenses to protect your eyes in medium to bright sunlight. They also include UV400 protection to shield your eyes from the effects of ultraviolet light.

The Readers come in 6 different strengths: +0.0, +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2,5, +3.0. Which one will it be?


To find out more about this highly attractive Collection, visit: The Readers. The Readers – available at optical outlets worldwide.

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